Algeria: best prospects for U.S. exporters and investors.

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Brief Description of Call: Join U.S. Ambassador Desrocher for an overview of Algeria’s recent political transition, its economy, business climate, and best prospects for U.S. exporters and investors.
John Desrocher is the U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria.desroches
How Direct Line Works

Ambassadors or Principal Officers of U.S. missions overseas host Direct Line webinars or conference calls, often including local government officials, to discuss emerging sectors or new developments. Approximately 30-40 minutes is dedicated to allow participants to ask questions and offer comments.

[April 19 2019 State: in Algiers, don’t watch crimes ]

U.S. government personnel are encouraged to limit non-essential movements during and immediately after large demonstrations and to not participate, watch, or remain near demonstrations or areas where they observe acts of criminality.
Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) Bureau of Diplomatic Security
U.S. Department of State

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