Somalia: power-sharing replaced by votes?

somalia clans
Under a new system, Somalis will vote directly for parties, with parliamentary seats being allocated according to the final tallies. Members of parliament will then elect the president and prime minister. The prime minister must come from the majority party in parliament.
The law is expected to replace the existing clan-based, power-sharing model, which gives the country’s main clans equal representation in government.

The proposed system would still ensure clan representation in parliament, however, which has raised concerns about the potential for continued marginalisation of minorities and women. Analysts have questioned whether the country is ready for a popular election.

[September 5 2012 Puntland: Australian African Global Investments shipping in arms for anti-piracy? ]

Australian African Global Investments

Australian African Global Investments

Australian African Global Investments

Australian African Global Investments

In the north-east of Somalia, Saracen and Sterling Corporate Services train and equip a militia group — under the president of Puntland.

In the semi-autonomous Puntland region, they built a force of more than 1,000 men equipped with planes, helicopters and more than 80 vehicles. Large shipments of military assistance for the force are funded from around $50 million coming from Abu Dhabi.

Somali tribal leaders, and the South Africans training the force, explain that it is an anti-piracy coast guard.

Mr Lafras Luitingh registered the company – Australian African Global Investments – in 2006.

It has branches in South Africa, Uganda and other African countries and is involved in logistics, transport and chartering planes and ships.

The Australian company was registered by Taurus Financial Services [Gordon Hatch] in Sydney. A number of the men behind Saracen and Sterling are former South African mercenaries and prominent among them is Mr Luitingh.

[April 7, 2011]

Private Military Company

Private Military Company

 Lafras Luitingh, the chief operating officer of Saracen International

Lafras Luitingh, the chief operating officer of Saracen International

Britain is to urge Arab countries to train the disorganized Libyan rebels, and so strengthen their position on the battlefield before negotiations on a ceasefire, senior British defence sources have indicated. The sources said they were also looking at hiring private security companies, some of which draw on former SAS members, to aid the rebels. These private soldiers could be paid by Arab countries to train the unstructured rebel army. more

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