Algeria: One year of Hirak freedom demonstrations

Now that newly elected President Abdelmadjid Tebboune is sworn in, will the army under the newly appointed Deputy Minister of Defense General Chengriha fade into the background and let Tebboune lead and deliver on his promises? Chengriha was rumored to be Gaid Saleh’s right hand and a main architect of the military’s strategy vis-à-vis the Hirak, making a continuity-based approach highly likely. One thing is certain: those who rise to the top in the post-Gaid Saleh military reshuffle (currently underway) will shape the Algerian security approach to the Hirak and any economic, political, or security reforms attempted by President Tebboune.

The Road Ahead for Algeria’s New President: Beginning or End of Democratic Change?

Some experts view the protest movement as a birthing station for a new generation of leaders to replace the old guard and an outmoded conception of governance. They see legislative elections at the end of the year as a prime forum for members of the pro-democracy movement to try to renew the political class from within.

[April 2 2019 opening of investigations into corruption ]

The Public Prosecutor announces that some people, whose names he does not mention, are banned from leaving the territory by “precautionary measure”.
The Prosecutor General’s Office in Algiers Court announced on Monday that preliminary investigations are being carried out for corruption and illicit transfers of capital abroad, according to an official statement.

The prosecution also announces that some people, whose names it does not mention, are banned from leaving the country by “precautionary measure”.

“In accordance with article 11 paragraph 3 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Prosecutor General’s Office at the Algiers Court informs the public that preliminary investigations are being carried out for corruption and illegal transfer capital abroad, “said the statement relayed by the official agency APS.

“In this context and for the necessities of the investigations, the Public Prosecutor at the court of Sidi M’Hamed (Algiers) proceeded to the application of the provisions of Article 36 bis 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedures and took precautionary measures by ordering the prohibition of exit from the national territory against certain persons “, specifies the text.
According to press reports, there are about thirty people, mostly businessmen, close to the presidential circle to be targeted by the communiqué of the Procuratorate. Mahiedine Tahkout, who is in the car dealership and head of an impressive student transport bus park and is close to the former Prime Minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, has been named as one of the targeted people. In a TV statement, Numidia News, reported Sunday on his ban on leaving the country.   Ennahar TV has named Reda Kouninef,

This statement from the prosecutor’s office comes after the arrest in Oum Tboul, near the Tunisian border, Ali Haddad, former president of the forum of business leaders, employers’ organization, and deemed close to the brother of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Since his arrest by customs officials early Sunday morning, Ali Haddad, head of a large group of public works and a media group that has two newspapers and two televisions, has still not given sign of the where he is.

On Sunday, in the early evening, his group denounced via his television, Dzair News, his “disappearance”.

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