Saudi: 500 more U.S. troops to PSAB


Iran riots

500 U.S.troops will go to Saudi Arabia as part of 1,000 troop deployment to the Middle East amid rising tensions with Iran. The troops are expected to go to Prince Sultan Air Base,

[July 23 2019 total U.S. troops = 3,000 ]
“With these additional forces, the total number of United States Armed Forces personnel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be approximately 3,000,” Trump said.The U.S. aircraft carrier strike group Abraham Lincoln sailed through the Strait of Hormuz on November 19, 2019. The move comes as protests, sparked by gasoline price hikes, have spread across Iran.

In June the U.S. military began moving equipment and hundreds of troops back to Prince Sultan Air Base. Portions of the base will need an upgrade to accommodate the U.S. military, including reinforcing and expanding roads and runways. Base housing will also need updating, and the U.S. will build a medical facility.

[July 18 2019 500 U.S. troops to Saudi ]


“An unclassified photo of the war room of the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Prince Sultan AB, SA, 2002”  said to be “not helpful”

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman approved hosting U.S. forces in the country to boost regional security and stability, the state news agency (SPA) reported on July 20 2019.

prince.sultanFive-hundred troops are expected to go to the Prince Sultan Air Base, located in a desert area east of the Saudi capital of Riyadh. A small number of troops and support personnel are already on site with initial preparations being made for a Patriot missile defense battery as well as runway and airfield improvements. The U.S. House voted July 17 to block $8.1 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and other allies, a rebuke of Donald Trump that will likely lead to a veto by the president.

The base is southeast of Al-Kharj, a location the US officials said would be difficult for Iranian missiles to reach.

The US military withdrew most of its personnel from the kingdom in 2003, leaving only those involved in training and supporting Saudi forces.  The Prince Sultan air base, largely rebuilt at a great cost to the US, was largely abandoned,30 Apr 2003 03.31 EDT. “Nothing’s going to be torn down,” US moved the command centre of its air operations to the newly re-equipped al-Udeid air base in Qatar. Rear Admiral Dave Nichols, deputy air commander for Central Command, said of the Prince Sultan base. “It’ll remain wired, but most of the computers and whatnot will be taken out.”

[May 10 2011 Saudis deny transit to Libyan Rebel Foreign Minister ]

Saudis deny air transit to Ali al-Issaoui

Saudis deny air transit to Ali al-Issaoui

The acting foreign minister of Libya’s rebel government has canceled a visit to key ally Qatar after failing to get approval from Saudi Arabia to fly over its airspace. Cairo, Egypt, airport officials say Ali al-Issaoui and three other officials from the rebels’ National Transitional Council waited for 20 hours at the airport before flying back to eastern Libya Saturday. Qatar has given the rebels diplomatic recognition and sent warplanes to join the NATO operation in the country. Qatar has also helped rebels controlling oil facilities to sell the crude.

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