Algeria: 12th ex-minister detained since Bouteflika


Khalid Toumi became the 12th ex-minister to be detained since Bouteflika resigned in April. Toumi, who served as culture minister for 12 years, is accused of squandering public funds and awarding illegal privilege.

[June 13 2019 ex-PM Ouyahia in custody ]


younger Ahmed Ouyahia

Algeria’s Supreme Court on June 12 2019 placed ex-prime minister Ahmed Ouyahia in custody. Ouyahia, who left the government in March as part of a cabinet reshuffle, is being investigated over corruption cases including “awarding illegal privileges”.

[June 11 2019 Hyundai’s TMC guy arrested ]


Mahieddine Tahkout has been detained along with his son and two of his brothers on charges of corruption and money laundering. Tahkout and some of his family members run the Tahkout Manufacturing Company (TMC) which assembles vehicles in Algeria for South Korean carmaker Hyundai. Ex-Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia and former governor of the capital Abdelkader Zoukh were spotted entering the courthouse on the same day Tahkout was brought in. Even though it wasn’t clear why Ouyahia and Zoukh were present, many traced it back to their well-established relations and ties with the automobile mogul.

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