Passage from Iran to Syria at Al-Qa’im

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Syria and Iraq have officially reopened the Albukamel border crossing closed since 2014. Al-Tanf straddles the main highway between Damascus and Baghdad, which will ultimately link Tehran to Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea. “There is deep concern about how Iran will use this border opening to maintain its logistic lines in the Levant.”
The crossing between Albukamel and Al-Qaim, on the Iraqi side of the border, is one of three linking the two countries. U.S.-backed Kurdish forces control the northernmost crossing at al-Yaroubia, and other U.S.-backed Syrian forces control the southernmost crossing at Al-Tanf.

[March 21 2019]

Iraq and Syria intend to reopen the Al-Qa’im border crossing between the two countries near the city of Al-Bukamal.

Syria and Iraq are connected through three main border crossings. One, near al-Tanf, is controlled by the American forces still in Syria and whose mission is to prevent Iranian forces from entering Syria via Iraq. The second, al-Rabia in the northeast corner of Syria, is controlled – for now – by the Syrian Kurdish forces. The third, the al-Qa’im crossing, is under the control of the Assad regime and could serve as a convenient crossing point not only for Iraqi goods but also for soldiers and weapons from Iran passing through Iraq to Syria.

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