Algeria: no room for shenanigans

ahmed_gaid_salah “all those who will stand in the way of this constitutional solution and popular demand, or who work to obstruct this vital national process in any form, will find a fair and rigorous, even dissuasive, sanction in accordance with the law, because there is no room for shenanigans when it comes to the supreme interest of the country”.

[September 21 2019 no protesters from outside the capital ]
fodil-boumala“It’s a failure as far as Gaid Salah goes,” said university professor Nouredine Bouderba, an expert on social issues, referring to the swelling crowd.



Algerian authorities have arrested Fodil Boumala, a prominent opposition activist. The three other activists recently detained were Lakhdar Bouragaa, Karim Tabou and Samir Belarbi, who have been accused of “contributing to weakening the army’s morale” according to their lawyers.


Algeria’s military has ordered police to block protesters from outside the capital from entering Algiers, said General Ahmed Gaid Salah in his first public speech since interim president Abdelkader Bensalah announced December 12 elections to resolve the political deadlock gripping the country since Bouteflika’s departure.

[September 11 2019   election called by September 15?   ]

Screenshot 2019-09-11 at 7.09.11 PM

Lieutenant General Ahmed Gaed Saleh said September 6 2019 that the electoral commission should by Sept. 15 call an election, a move that would trigger a 90-day countdown to the vote.

Current account deficit, which was estimated to have fallen to 16.92% of GDP in 2018, should maintain its decline and fall further to 13% by 2020. Algeria replenishes its foreign currency reserves from oil and gas exports, which account for 97% of its total sales abroad. Algeria’s foreign currency reserves are on a downward trajectory that economists warned could harm the country’s economic stability.


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