Saudi: no other plausible explanation – leaders


Iran has rejected a joint statement by the leaders of France, Germany and the UK who blamed it for attacks earlier this month on Saudi oil installations.   Iran’s foreign minister accused them of “parroting absurd US claims”.   The European leaders said there was no other plausible explanation for the attacks, which shut down half of Saudi Arabia’s oil production.

Eighteen drones and seven cruise missiles hit an oil field and processing facility.

[September 10 2019  approximate direction of impact points —> West?   ]

To Iran

direction-600 - Edited (1)

To West


Administration officials have not publicly said where they believe the attack originated from. They did say that the satellite imagery was consistent with strikes from the north or northwest, which would point to an attack coming from the direction of Iran or Iraq, rather than from Yemen.
But the satellite photographs released on Sunday were not as clear-cut as officials suggested, with some appearing to show damage on the western side of the facilities, not from the direction of Iran or Iraq.

Is Iran secretly designing, testing and producing missile systems for exclusive use by its proxies?


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