Mali: tit-for-tat violence

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Five troops were killed in central Mali on August 21 2019 when their convoy was ambushed by jihadists on a road between the villages of Boni and Hombori, “the jihadists… burned at least two military vehicles. At least two soldiers were also wounded.”

[July 2 2019]

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Bomako, l, Ouenkoro, r

“During [July 2 2019], and overnight, in the villages of Bidi, Sankoro and Saran, armed men attacked civilians, killing 23 of them,” Cheick Harouna Sankare, mayor of the neighboring town of Ouenkoro. The attacks come following a wave of deadly assaults between Fulani herders and Dogon farmers who have long fought over land and resources.

The rivalry has escalated in recent years due to the growing presence of armed Islamist groups.

[June 27 2019]

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“About 100 unidentified armed men circulating on motos all of a sudden invaded Yoro and fired on the population,” said Issiaka Ganame, the mayor of Yoro. “Then they descended on the village of Gangafani 2, which is about 15km (9 miles) away.”

The tit-for-tat violence in recent months has largely pitted Dogon hunters against Fulani herders. Attackers believed to be Fulani raided a Dogon village last week, killing at least 35 people.

[June 16 2019 French kill terrorists ]

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French in Akabar

Allied French and Malian forces killed 20 militants in an operation in the district of Akabar, a remote part of a game reserve near the border with Niger and not far from the Malian city of Menaka,

[June 11 2019   after attack on Fulanis, reply on Dogons   [

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Mali’s central Mopti region

[June 12 2019] The number of people killed in an attack on Sobame Da in Mopti central Mali has been revised to 35, down from nearly 100, the initial figure corresponded to the combined number of dead and disappeared.
At least 95 people were killed when gunmen raided their village in central Mali late on June 9 2019.

The attack took place in the ethnic Dogon village of Sobane, in Mali’s central Mopti region,
Members of the Dogon and Fulani groups often clash over access to land and water. The Dogon also accuse Fulanis of having ties to local jihadist groups, while Fulanis claim that Mali’s army has armed Dogon hunters to attack them.

Earlier this year, the massacre of more than 150 Fulani villagers, including women and children, prompted Mali’s government to sack senior military officials and dissolve a militia composed of Dogon hunters.


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