Sudan: coup mastermind at large

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has met in Cairo the deputy head of Sudan’s ruling Transitional Military Council (TMC), General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo. Dagalo”presented the latest developments on the current situation”, the Egyptian presidency said after the June 29 2019 meeting in the capital.

At least 16 officers have been arrested. David Shinn, former deputy chief of mission at US embassy in Sudan, said that the coup attempt was not “too surprising”.

“There have been disagreements within the security forces since the beginning of this effort to change the regime in Sudan,” he said.

[July 11 2019]   “Officers and soldiers from the army and national intelligence and security service, some of them retired, were trying to carry out a coup,” Gen Jamal Omar of the ruling military council said 12 officers arrested, five were retired, and that security forces were looking for the mastermind of the attempted coup

[July 6 2019 U.S.welcomes accord ]

[July 1 2019 huge turnout for demonstrations ]

Seven people have died and nearly 200 have been wounded during huge demonstrations in Sudan, the first large-scale protests since a crackdown on a camp early in June left at least 128 people dead. Faisal Mohamed Salih, an analyst, said: “I did not expect this number of protesters to take to the streets but this shows that they have a strong and angry position.” Mobilising protesters has become a challenge since the raid, with military rulers imposing a widespread internet blackout. In the lead-up to Bashir’s fall, social media was used to get tens of thousands of protesters out on the streets, but now protest leaders are keeping the movement alive through neighbourhood campaigns.


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