Ethiopia: ethnic bloodshed once held in check arising

Four high-ranking officials in Amhara, including the deputy head of security there, were taken into custody June 24 2019, according to Abere Adamu, chief of the Amhara police commission. An additional 178 people have also been arrested on suspicion of taking part in violence in the region

[June 23 2019]

ethiopia ably - Edited

Abiy Ahmed

amharatige - Edited

Asamnew Tsige

Asamnew was shot on June 24 2019 near Amhara’s capital Bahir Dar, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed named Amhara state security head General Asamnew Tsige as responsible for a foiled coup, without giving details of his whereabouts. Asamnew was released from prison last year, having been given an amnesty for a similar coup attempt. Asamnew had openly advised the Amhara people, Ethiopia’s second largest ethnic group, to arm themselves in preparation for fighting against other groups. Abiy Ahmed is battling ethnic bloodshed once held in check by the state’s iron grip. Ethiopia has Oromo 34.6% and Amhara 27.1% people, Tigrayan 6.1%. The former ruling Party had 27 years in power by a small, mostly Tigrayan, elite. Ethiopia is predominately Christian, with Muslim 31.9%. Abiy Ahmed with a Christian mother and a Muslim father, converted to Christianity.


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