Libya: Tamanhint & Jufrah AB for Hifter

Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 8.14.54 AM - Edited (1)
Haftar has concentrated his forces near Tripoli, using mainly the Jufrah air base but also Tamanhint to fly in materiel and send it on by road up north towards the Mediterranean coast. The eastern Libyan National Army (LNA) forces repelled an assault on the Tamanhint air base near Sabha, the main city in Libya’s south.

[April 17 2019 Indirect fire on Tripoli suburbs ]
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Residents reported hearing blasts in Hay al-Andalus and Abu Salim, districts straddling the two main roads heading south towards the Haftar-controlled town of Gharyan and towards the contested site of the old international airport.
The US approach to the crisis has become more ambiguous in recent days, with senior state department officials increasingly reluctant to condemn Haftar by name, and stressing that Libya needs security, and an end to militia rule.

[April 10 2019 LNA 7 miles south of Tripoli center ]

The Libyan National Army (LNA) forces of eastern commander Khalifa Haftar held positions in the suburbs about 11 km (7 miles) south of the center, with steel containers and pickups with mounted machine-guns blocking their way into the city.
Residents reported LNA planes buzzing Tripoli and the sound of clashes in outskirts.
Despite the flare-up in conflict, normal life was just about continuing in Tripoli, a city of roughly 1.2 million people, though prices were rising and businesses are closing earlier than usual, residents said.

[April 8 2019 Mitiga airport bombed by LNA/AF ]

Mitiga airport, in an eastern suburb of the capital, was closed after it was hit in an airstrike by pro-Haftar forces. Passengers could be seen leaving the terminal. Fighting was also under way at Tripoli’s international airport.

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Mitiga airport, Tripoli


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