[April 09, 2011]Troops violently dispersed a protest in Cairo’s central Tahrir Square killing at least one and injuring 71.

The messy aftermath of the so-called Arab Spring – in which governments in the region felt the Obama administration turned on them in the face of popular revolt – has seen U.S. influence there nosedive. That in turn makes it ever harder for Washington to influence events, let alone urge democratization and restraint.


[April 09 2011]

Head Supreme Council Armed Forces, Mohammed Hussein Tantawi

Head Supreme Council Armed Forces, Mohammed Hussein Tantawi

Witnesses reported two killed. Ali Mustafa, a car mechanic who was guarding the “free soldiers” tent, said he saw an attacking soldier stab one of the officers to death with his bayonet. He pointed to a section of pavement stained with blood under a small pile of garbage and food remains.
the troops appeared to be targeting the rebellious soldiers, injuring at least three and detaining others. One reason for the ferocity of the latest attack is probably the presence among the protesters of a several men in army uniforms who had joined Friday’s demonstration. The men, whose identities are not known, are said to be army dissenters disgruntled at their leaders for their failure to punish corruption. Protesters were shot as they tried to protect a group of about eight soldiers who were sleeping among the protesters in a tent in the middle of Tahrir Square. Several soldiers had joined the protests against the military in defiance of threats from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces that any soldier caught participating would face a military court. wapo

According to a poll released this week by the New York-based International Peace Institute, 77% of Egyptians said they still view the military favorably


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