Mullah Mansour’s death accepted by Pakistan

nyt op-ed

NYT cartoon on Mullah Mansour’s death hits a little too close to home…nyt op-ed

All indicators confirm that the person killed in the drone strike was Mansour who was travelling on a fake identity when targeted in a drone strike near Noshki district in Balochistan, Adviser to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz, said during a press briefing.

Aziz, however, said DNA reports of Wali Muhammad, the man suspected to be the Taliban leader, will further confirm the killing of Mansour. “His body will be handed over to his family after DNA tests,” the premier’s senior aide said.

“The death of Mullah Akhter Mansour in a drone strike on 21 May has added to the complexity of the Afghan conflict,” Aziz said while adding that the drone strike was a violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty as well as breach of principles of the United Nations Charter governing the conduct of states.

“We have conveyed our serious concern to the United States on this issue, PM’s adviser on foreign affairs said.51dbzhbyryl-_ac_us240_fmwebp_ql65_







[May 13 2015 Seymour Hersh against legend: CIA played a key role in shaping. “Zero Dark Thirty”


Hersh says high-level Pakistani officials consented to allow the US to conduct its “raid” on the compound – a de facto assassination – after the US found out about Bin Laden’s whereabouts through a source in Pakistani intelligence (and not, as reported, after interrogation of al-Qaeda detainees and extensive investigation into a Bin Laden courier).

The CIA played a key role in shaping. “Zero Dark Thirty” ‘s narrative, corresponding with the filmmakers to negotiate favorable access to a movie that one CIA official described as “get[ting] behind the winning horse” of the “first and biggest” movie about the Bin Laden raid, according to internal CIA emails obtained by Judicial Watch. The White House gave its blessing as well, calling it the most “high profile” project to date, and suggesting it get more “visibility,” as one White House official wrote.

The government’s efforts paid off handsomely. “Zero Dark Thirty” proved to be a propaganda coup beyond anything the CIA could have imagined, right down to its debunked assertion that torture helped the U.S. locate bin Laden. Director Kathryn Bigelow used her considerable skills to create a visceral, hyperkinetic thriller that leaves its audience with little doubt of the CIA’s ultimate heroism. Any moral depravity is presented as a lamentable but understandable byproduct of the good fight. The bucketload of money ”Zero Dark Thirty” made put the icing on the cake. more about movie

January 1 American Sniper compared to German WWII film]

That movie in the Tarantino film was a Nazi propaganda film called Stolz der Nation (Nation’s Pride) that showed a German sniper killing Allied soldiers from a clock tower.
the movie

[December 4 2012 Zero Dark Thirty best film 2012 NYCC]

Bigelow’s Zero Dark Thirty, based on the 10-year-long hunt for Osama Bin Laden, was named best film of 2012 with Bigelow named best director.

[May 18]

Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson

Audrey F. Tomason -  Director for Counterterrorism, Executive Office of the President

Audrey F. Tomason –
Director for Counterterrorism, Executive Office of the President

Weinstein has basically closed the rights deal for the independently made assassination-of-Osama-bin-Laden movie called “Code Name Geronimo” according to a person familiar with the negotiations, and is talking as though he’s pretty much decided to release the movie in late September or October. One of the reasons Weinstein’s fall slate is so crowded is that it’s populated by a couple of movies from big-game financier Megan Ellison, with whom he’s gone into business. And what other picture did Ellison produce for the fall? Sony’s Bin Laden movie.[Zero Dark Thirty]


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