Saadi Gaddafi: no information indicating that Flensburg should be freed from Mexican jail

Mexican authorities decided to extend the so-called ‘preventive detention’ for a crime group that was preparing to bring Saadi Gaddafi and his family to a Pacific resort town using false travel documents.According to Mexican police was Cynthia Vanier mastermind to Gaddafi plan, while Pierre Christian Flensburg was the plan logistics manager.

The Dane , a partner in an airplane rental company in California, said he was arrested when he was in Mexico to collect $ 40,000 which Cynthia Vanier owed for the hire of an aircraft that was used for a 10 day trip to the civil war-torn Libya in July.

Flensburg has a telephone conversation from prison explained to his relatives that he is innocent of the charges.
Pierre Christian Flensburg was under Mexican law, detained without charge for 40 days. The deadline expired on 22 December, but the Mexican authorities decided to extend the so-called ‘preventive detention’ by an additional 40 days.

The Danish Foreign Service has just informed us that provide normal consular assistance to a prison Dane. All other information is darkened.

– I have no information indicating that a Danish citizen should be freed from Mexican jail, writes the Danish ambassador in Mexico, Susanne Rumohr Haekkerup,
Hans Haekkerup (born 3 December 1945 ) Danish Social Democratic politician, born in Frederiksberg , son of the late members of the Parliamentary Bureau Grete Haekkerup and later Minister Per Haekkerup . He is also the nephew of the Minister Hans Erling Haekkerup .
Haekkerup graduated from Frederiksborg State School in 1964 and MA in Politics. from Copenhagen University in 1973 .
As Defense Minister , he contributed actively to the escalation of the Danish military efforts abroad – most recently participating in NATO ‘s war against Yugoslavia in 1999 and now lives in Mexico, where his current wife, Susanne Rumohr Haekkerup, is an ambassador.
Per Hækkerup (25 December 1915 – 13 March 1979) was a Danish Social Democratic politician, who served as Foreign Minister of Denmark from 1962 to 1966.
Hækkerup, who was the son of the politician Hans Kristian Hækkerup, was active in politics from the end of the Second World War to his death. He was the chairman of the youth organization of the Danish Social Democrats from 1946 to 1952 and the secretary general of International Union of Socialist Youth from 1946 to 1951.
As Minister of Foreign Affairs Hækkerup is mostly remembered because of the agreement he made with the Norwegian Minister Jens Evensen that gave Norway the oil rich Ekofisk oil field in the North Sea. According to an urban legend Hækkerup was drunk, when he signed the agreement, but historians today agree that the agreement was most fair and that Hækkerup was not drunk.
He was married to Grethe Hækkerup and is the father of Hans Hækkerup and Klaus Hækkerup.

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