Younis: Libyan Martyrs’ Brigade or Revolutionary Committee?

Abdel Fattah Younis Funeral

Abdel Fattah Younis Funeral

Mohammed Agoury told the Associated Press that he had been present when rebels from the February 17 Martyrs’ Brigade came to Younis’s operations room and took him away for questioning. In an accusation that reflected growing rifts in the rebel movement, Agoury said the group had killed Younis and dumped his body outside Benghazi. Guardian
the Katibat al-Shuhada (literally “The Martyrs’ Brigade”), the civil guard corps trained quickly by the opposition as a stopgap to replace the police and internal-security forces who, under Qaddafi, monitored Benghazi’s streets.

On February 17, at the beginning of the revolution, one of the first buildings that demonstrators stormed in Benghazi was the headquarters of the Revolutionary Committees. They razed it.
The Revolutionary Committees (al-lijan al-thawriyah) are Gaddafi’s die-hards. The rebels — with vital support from Coalition air strikes — drove Gaddafi’s militias away from Benghazi and pacified the city after several days of street fighting. The few remaining Revolutionary Committee members — those who hadn’t yet surrendered or been killed — melted away again. Sociologist


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