Reflex Responses Management Consultancy LLC

Reflex Responses Management Consultancy LLC

Reflex Responses Management Consultancy LLC

Reflex Responses Management Consultancy LLC

ped·dle/ verb
ped·dles; ped·dled; ped·dling
[+ obj] 1 : to sell (something) usually in small amounts and often by traveling to different places
▪ They peddled fruits and vegetables out of their truck on the side of the road. ▪ She now peddles her wares [=sells her products] on the Internet.
2 : to try to get people to accept or believe (something)
▪ He peddled his idea for a new movie to every executive in Hollywood. ▪ The mayor’s aides tried to peddle his innocence to reporters. ▪ peddling gossip

peddles lies


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Publishing on the Web is a fairly iterative process. ...NYT ...Not too long ago, reporters were the guardians of scarce facts delivered at an appointed time to a passive audience. Today we are the managers of an overabundance of information and content, discovered, verified and delivered in partnership with active communities. summer 2012 issue of Nieman Reports from Harvard, --- THE FIX by Chris Cillizza, WAPO blogger, quoting Matt Drudge: “We have entered an era vibrating with the din of small voices,” he said in the speech. “Every citizen can be a reporter.” Later, he added: “The Net gives as much voice to a 13 year old computer geek like me as to a CEO or Speaker of the House. "
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