Libya: danger of warlordism in rebel army disarray

Libyan National Salvation Front

Libyan National Salvation Front

Khalifa Hiftar

Khalifa Hiftar

The division in rebel military command has not been resolved,say the pundits . it is dangerous to have divided military command, since it lays the ground for warlordism. Competent, experienced officials who know Libya but are not so tainted by association with Gaddafi that the people reject them are scarce.
Revolutionaries who stood up to Gaddafi in the early days mix with defectors from Gaddafi’s regime who had their own plans for holding on to power. At an international meeting on Libya at the end of March, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton described efforts to find out more about the rebel leadership as a “work in progress.” Abd Al Fattah Yunis was Gaddafi’s interior minister , taking office in 2007. During a press conference in early April, a Benghazi civilian interrupted Yunis’s remarks, yelling, “You killed our children. You worked with Qaddafi for years!” Khalifa Hiftar directed a Libyan National Salvation Front military camp funded and equipped by the United States until his recent return to Libya.


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