Ali Abdessalam Treki, former Libyan foreign minister, named new U.N. ambassador, to defect

Ali Abdessalam Treki, a former Libyan foreign minister, defects

Ali Abdessalam Treki, a former Libyan foreign minister, defects

Ali Abdessalam Treki, a former foreign minister and U.N. General Assembly president, had been named to represent Libya at the United Nations after a wave of defections early in the uprising. But Treki, who is currently in Cairo, said in a statement posted on several opposition websites that he was not going to accept that job or any other.

Mohammed Ismail, a key figure in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, has no portfolio and no job description.

An aide to Gaddafi’s powerful son Saif al-Islam, the clues to his power are to be found in his office in Tripoli, a huge suite in a guarded compound. They are to be found too in what he has done: acting as an interlocutor for the regime on everything from blocked licences for arms sales and political contacts.

So the news that he has been in London in recent days for meetings with British officials is more than intriguing. Ismail is Saif’s fixer – intelligent, discreet and powerful.

And increasingly, according to those familiar with how Saif and his brother Saadi are thinking, Gaddafi’s sons have become aware that they have a problem that they need to find a way out of – despite Saif’s bellicose language.

Ismail’s visit, described in Tripoli as a trip to see his children who are being educated in Britain, is all the more significant given the defection of Libya’s foreign minister and former external intelligence chief, Moussa Koussa. [Gene Cretz, the U.S. ambassador to Tripoli who took his post in January 2009, [then] described Moussa Koussa ‘s appointment as Libya’s diplomatic chief as “a very good choice” and diplomatically described the spymaster as “a well-versed versatile individual… He’s an impressive man and we’ll look forward to working for him.” ]

Mohamed Ismail Ahmed, close aide to Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi
Date: 12/14/2009 9:05 Passed to the Telegraph by WikiLeaks 9:33PM GMT 31 Jan 2011
1.(S/NF) Summary: During recent meetings, Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi’s staff has shown an increased interest in bilateral military and security issues, particularly requests linked to Captain Khamis al-Qadhafi, including purchases of helicopters and “Tiger” vehicle components, and M113 refurbishment. Saif’s staff also indicated Libya was interested in purchasing French SCALP cruise missiles to replace its SCUD Bs. This increased attention may be reflective of Saif’s broader plans to consolidate military and security issues within his expanding “General Coordinator” portfolio. Saif’s staff declined to comment on any future division of responsibility between Saif al-Islam and Mutassim al-Qadhafi in these areas. The clear interest in military sales represented by Saif’s staff on behalf of Khamis al-Qadhafi may be indicative of Saif’s attempts to curry his youngest brother’s favor. End Summary.

2.(S/NF) During December 2 and 9 meetings with Pol/Econ Chief and DATT, Mohamed Ismail Ahmed, close aide to Saif al-Islam al-Qadhafi, expressed interest in military equipment sales,


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