Libya: crowds rally in Benghazi, clash with police

Col Muammar Qaddafi 1970

Col Muammar Qaddafi 1970

Lt. Col Mutassim Qadaffi

Lt. Col Mutassim Qadaffi

Lt. Col Mutassim Qadaffi

Lt. Col Mutassim Qadaffi

Col. Abu-BakrYunisJaber, CGS

Col. Abu-Bakr Yunis Jaber, CGS

Col. Abu-BakrYunis Jaber

Col. Abu-Bakr Yunis Jaber

Col Abu-Bakr Yunis Jaber

Col Abu-Bakr Yunis Jaber

In Benghazi, a crowd armed with gasoline bombs and rocks protested outside a government office to demand the release of a human rights activist. The demonstrators, numbering at least several hundred and possibly more, went to the central Shajara Square and clashed with police.
Apart from his security forces, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi has built his rule on a cult of personality and a network of family and tribal alliances supported by largesse from Libya’s oil revenues. Colonel Qaddafi, born in 1942, is the father of many sons who are now jockeying to succeed him.


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