Mubarak of Egypt holed up at Camp 75?

Camp 75, Manshiyetel-Bakr, Cairo, Republican Guard

Camp 75, Manshiyet el-Bakri, Cairo, Republican Guard

Is President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt at Camp 75, Manshiyet el-Bakri, home of the Republican Guard?

The Republican Guard Armored Division’s duties are to protect presidential sites and important public buildings in Cairo, provide Honor Guard and security services for the highest national personalities and important foreign guests; and responding to any rebellion, coup, or other threat to the government of the Republic. Members are (mainly but not exclusively) highly motivated volunteers rather than conscripts, who receive bonuses, new cars and subsidized housing, and receive greater training than the regular army. It is located for administrative purposes under 1st Corps, which has its Field H.Q. in Heliopolis, Cairo, Central Military Region. In turn, 1st Corps is part of First Field Army also with its H.Q. in Cairo. The Egyptian Republican Guard is a Division level command within the Egyptian Army, designed to be a heavily armored division with the main responsibility to defend the Capital of the Republic, mainly the major governmental and strategic industrial institutions.

The Republican Guard is under the control of the Ministry of Defense. Its current commander is Major General Samy Dyab. The Republican Guard Division is the only significant military unit allowed in central Cairo, apart from the intelligence services’ military branches.

It was created subsequent to the Egyptian Revolution of 1952 by Egypt’s second President, Gamal Abdel Nasser, to protect the Presidency, and the national government in Cairo. Known originally as the National Guard, it was mainly a paramilitary force, but was expanded into a large military force, first at a brigade level in the 1970s and 1980s, then augmented at a division level and incorporated under the Armored Corps.


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